Wouter Kellerman- Breaking Musical Barriers

Magic often eludes the logic of the situation, leaving the people amazed by the disappearing bodies and incredible predictions. Humanity has connections with every trick used at such events, playing their part on the minds of the viewers to cause ambiguous effects. One such piece of creation that has the ability to impress people with its magical elements is music. It holds artistic brilliance within the composition in every high and low of the cadence. This new era of art has redefined the concept of music for many, with the latest genres adding a different spirit to the creations.

Although technology has taken a huge leap in the direction of massive innovation for music, people still love the classic styles. Instruments that contribute a soothing feel to the symphonies have been overlooked over the past century as the number of artists focusing on the other genres increased with time. Jazz and classical music were almost always at the fringe in the last few decades. However, legends are consistently made in the world of classical music. Wouter Kellerman is one such person who rose to popularity with this Emmy nomination. Let us look at more details of the life and works of this legendary flautist.

Wouter Kellerman- The Magician on the Flute

This Grammy Award-winning South African flautist, born in September 1961, is a composer and producer who has won several other awards, including seven South African Music Awards. World and Roots music was the primary focus of Kellerman, and this was tapped into for greater compositions with the foundation he had in classical music. The training from a young age fueled his career in the right way. He also explored the versatility of the instrument by fusing contemporary styles and classical sounds.


Kellerman’s 2014 album Winds of Samsara was a collaboration with the Indian composer Rickey Kej. The soundtrack for this album won him the Grammy Award at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. The same album topped the US New Age Album Billboards Charts. Soon after that, it also peaked at No.1 on the Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 Airplay Chart in 2014. Kellerman received his second Grammy nomination for ‘Best Contemporary Instrumental Album’ for Love Language in 2015. He won a SAMA in the same category the same year. The album also made it to the World Top 40 Chart in 2015.

A collaboration with the Soweto Gospel Choir garnered more popularity for Kellerman. This composition was a tribute to Nelson Mandela, grazing the basic ideologies of the politics of the nation and the party. Symphonic Soweto saw the reconceptualization of traditional music and freedom songs. The two Grammy winners came together for this creation, and the choral contributions did indeed add to the symphonic masterpiece.

Wouter Kellerman is also known as a great philanthropist. He sponsored the living expenses of children, the building of a house, and the art classes for kids who couldn’t afford them.

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